If you’re a homeowner, then you know tree trimming can be easier said than done. First, it’s hard to know when the time has come to trim a tree. Second, the process of trimming the tree can be dangerous (and nearly impossible) without the proper equipment.

That’s why tree trimming is always best when you leave it to a trusted tree trimming service. But how can you tell when the time has come to reach out to one?

See below for several signs that you need tree trimming removal done by a professional service. Be sure to consider all these signs for your situation.

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Dead Branches

Dead branches do you no good. They don’t provide shade, they negatively impact the view of your property, and they can lead to serious damage when they fall off.

There’s a common misconception that the higher up the tree the dead branches are, the less you have to worry about them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, a dead branch from higher up can do more damage because of how far it has to fall.

Anytime that you notice specific branches are missing bark or leaves, take it as a sign that the branch needs to be cut off.
If the tree is entirely dead, be sure to reach out to a trusted tree trimming removal service in order to get those dead branches removed in a safe and efficient way!

Tree Wounds

Have you noticed that one side of your tree’s trunk has a significant divet in it? This is what’s commonly referred to as a tree wound (or tree cavity) and is one of the first signs of your tree’s decline.

If the tree wound is large enough, it can throw off the foundation of the entire tree, making it much more likely to tip over. The wound will also affect the tree’s ability to intake food and water throughout its tissues.

Take a tree wound as a sign that your tree is nearing the end of its life. While the tree might have years of its life left, you’d rather be safe than sorry and have it removed. This will eliminate the possibility of the tree falling on your house or yard.

If left unattended, open tree wounds can also attract unwelcome pests such as termites and critters. It’s best to cut the tree down and avoid the declining stage.

The Tree Is Leaning to One Side

One of the most detrimental occurrences in homeownership is when a tree falls on you or your neighbor’s property. It can cause thousands of dollars in damage, of which you could be liable for all of it.

A telltale sign that your tree is headed towards catastrophe is when you notice that it’s starting to lean to one side. You might also notice that the branches have changed form and now lean towards your property.

As soon as you notice either of these, contact a tree removal service to come out and have a look. They can inform you on how severe the situation is and whether they’d recommend immediate removal.

This can also be an opportunity to get a quote on the tree removal cost and the timeline that you can expect.

Bark Is Falling Off

Make no mistake about it, there’s a significant difference between bark casually falling off and falling off at a higher rate.

Tree bark might fall off the tree for several reasons (such as squirrels climbing on it or a storm blowing it off). So don’t be alarmed if you find a few pieces of bark on your lawn here and there.

However, if you’ve noticed that the bark is falling off in huge chunks then you have room to be concerned. Go to the tree that the bark is chipping off from and observe the layers underneath.

If it looks dry inside, then the tree is gradually starting to die. Go around to several different areas to ensure that it looks the same all the way around. If so, it’s time to contact your trusted tree removal company for further explanation.

Some trees die quicker than others, don’t leave it up to chance. All it takes is one strong storm to come through and tip over a dying tree with little strength or support to it.

Significant Number of Insects

If you’ve been dealing with an infestation around your property, try walking around all of your trees and pay close attention to the base of their trunks. If you notice signs of growth or an infestation in the tree, you should schedule a tree removal immediately.

You might also notice that different types of fungi or mold have grown on the tree, which is a sign that the tree is infected. Not only will this cause the tree to die, but your bug problem will only worsen.

After you call the tree removal service, your next call should be to an exterminator. After you remove their current home, those pests (such as termites) will try to make a new one. Use an exterminator to rid your property of them all.

Find the Right Tree Trimming Removal Company in Orlando.

Now that you’ve seen several signs of when to call a tree trimming removal company, be sure to find the most reputable tree removal in Orlando.

Be sure to read this article for more information on what the tree removal cost will look like in order to prepare your budget.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out and receive a free online quote and we’ll be happy to assist you further!

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