We need to ask ourselves, are we entirely prepared for anything else that might come our way in 2020. This year so far has been tough for most Americans. The fact that in Florida, we are now at the beginning of the storm season is a little unnerving for homeowners. If you think you need to have your home or business property looked at for issues that could arise during the next tropical storm, call us at Apex Arbor Care.

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season kicked off on June 1 and until November 30 in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea.

Storm Predictions

The 2020 predictions for hurricanes are:

An above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is expected, according to forecasters with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service. An average hurricane season produces 12 named storms, of which 6 become hurricanes, including three major hurricanes. May 21, 2020

With these predictions, it is crucial to get your property hurricane or tropical storm ready.


The best step is to have a professional tree service come onto your property and evaluate your landscaping for protection before a storm. Apex Arbor Care offers a review and a free written estimate.

Potential Dangers

Small plants are far more vulnerable than trees and shrubs, but they are also easier to protect from wind, cold, or driving rain.

During a strong storm or hurricane, these things can help or hurt:

· The right Tree in the right place may help protect your property from strong winds by acting as a wind-break

· Tree too close to your home or roof

· Weak or broken limbs

· A poorly maintained tree can do more harm than good

· Improperly pruned trees in advance of a storm face a higher likelihood that they might break or fall during the storm

· Trees should be serviced by a trained professional

Steps to Take

Trees are susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. There are ways that homeowners and property managers can reduce potential damage to trees:

· Have your trees pruned

· Don’t trim your trees more than 25%

· Don’t cut the root system

· Clear or cut deadwood which invites pests, and breaks away into projectiles

· Properly dispose of cut wood, loose branches, and logs

· Hire a licensed and insured certified arborist

· Have stumps ground down below grade

· Put a layer of organic mulch to protect the roots from the weather

· Put pots, baskets, bowls or buckets on top of small plants for a physical barrier

· Wrap larger shrubs, plants, and vines with strong fabric

· Put stakes in a tree or shrub to anchor it forms a wind storm

· Wrap the trunks of newly planted trees with burlap

· Select quality trees to plant labeled “Florida Fancy” or “Florida #1.” These trees have a single trunk and need little additional training to form a structurally sound

· Choose trees that are appropriate for the Large trees that require a sizeable rooting zone. Tree roots extend three to five times the diameter of the Tree’s canopy

· Insufficient soil volume increases the risk of trees toppling so make sure you have enough soil for the size of the Tree


Apex Arbor Care is a family-owned and operated business based in Sanford, Florida. We are fully licensed and insured. The services offered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee are tree trimming, pruning and shaping, hedge trimming and shaping, tree removal, crane service, stump grinding, canopy elevation, tree examination, and more. Call us at 321-209-2245 or email to get a free written estimate in Seminole, Orange, Lake, or Volusia Counties.

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